Who are we?

A distributor of ophthalmic lenses since 2005, AVVERO began in 2020 an ambitious project: we opened the first lens production line, in our own production facilities, using the most advanced technologies in the field.

How do we do things?

Our clients benefit from personalized services, adapted to individual needs, and also from the highest standard of assistance. In this way, we manage to offer flexibility and the highest possible quality at an affordable price.

AVVERO values

Our activity reflects the spirit of AVVERO and it is based on 6 fundamental values, which we strictly respect. They are values that help us continuously develop and which define the way we do things.

1. We are a team

People represent our success and we are dedicated to the idea of being a good employer. By ensuring a pleasant and dynamic work environment, we grow together.

2. We keep it simple

At AVVERO, we are always looking to make things easier! We strongly believe that even complex problems can have simple solutions.

3. Excellent quality

Quality is not achieved by chance – it is the result of a large volume of work, dedication and approved execution. Quality is a way of thinking.

4. Happy customers

From the production process to the experience of interacting with us, the client is always in the center of our attention. We want to have happy customers, not just satisfied ones!

5. Continuous improvement

We continuously invest in technology and in the professional development of AVVERO’s specialists. We keep up with the latest technologies in the field and we constantly invest in know-how in improving working procedures.

6. Careful approach

Our approach is shaped by strong consideration for each individual. We are always looking to ensure a very pleasant collaboration experience and to offer the most suitable solution for each client.