Discover new Progresive Blend iOne lenses

Blend iOne lenses combine the innate capabilities of the human eye with cutting-edge technology, thus humanizing the technology! They are the only lenses that allow the choice of an individualized visual field, according to the needs of each wearer.

What defines us?

We are a team!
The collaboration between us increase the productivity and efficiency of the company. So, regardless of the challenges or difficulties you encounter, we support you, advise you and find solutions.

We are European Certified manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. This allows us to carefully control the production process, always guaranteeing the quality of our products. It allows us to implement quickly innovations and respond promptly to market requirements.

We offer excellent value for money!

In short we offer quality products at a fair price. We have state-of-the-art technology in the hands of passionate people.